Why Argentina will win the World Cup again?
[ 11-06-2018 ]
Why Argentina will win the World Cup again?

There are a few teams that are predicted by the bookmakers like Malaysia Sport Books and has been set as their favourites or top picks for the winner of the FIFA World Cup. There might be some reason behind of this decision.

Below are the few reasons that are given by Malaysia Sport Books why Argentina could be the winner of the World Cup again.

1. Jorge Sampaoli

Argentina have a better coach than the other country in this coming World Cup. He made a name for himself when he was managing the Chilean national team to win the Copa America for the 1st time, by beating Argentina in 2015. He then led Sevilla to the Champions League knockout stages and to the fourth place in La Liga. This is the time where he impressed in European Club Football. But, all for this, it is the team style of play, attacking, passing, and high energy style of play. 

2. They got Lionel Messi

When you got Lionel Messi in your team, you will have a chance of winning anything. Barcelona team where the Messi is in won the La Liga and Copa del Rey double again in this season. But, his international trophy slot is still empty. In this season, he has scored 43 goals out of 51 Barcelona appearances.

3. Argentina were in the final in the last season 

It is a high possibility for this team to get into the final again, as they were managing to get themselves into the finals in the past few seasons. This can prove that they own the strength to make themselves into it. 

4. Pressure Game Experience

With the few finals in the past few years, Argentina’s players are used to play in the high-pressure game. This is important because many of the players, especially for the new players will get affected by the high-pressure game and caused their performances to worsen and couldn’t perform to the max on the field.

5. Argentina’s incredible firepower

Argentina owns a bunch of strikers that let the other nations envy about. Argentina’s 4 attacking options are Messi, Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala.

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