WHAT is Mini Roulette?
[ 02-05-2018 ]
WHAT is Mini Roulette?

Some Malaysia Online Betting players like another version of roulette which is known as ‘mini roulette’. It is a simplified and single-zero European style roulette game. So, this version of roulette is suitable for beginners due to its smaller size and entertaining gameplay. The objective of playing mini roulette is to predict where the ball will come to land on the numbered wheel. Further, the difference of mini roulette and European roulette is the quantity of numbers. There are 13 colored pockets which consists of 12 numbers and a single zero in this mini roulette. Therefore, the thing is there are only 13 possible winning numbers in mini roulette while European roulette has 36 numbers and one zero as well as American roulette has 39 colored slots.

The rules of playing Malaysia Online Betting mini roulette are quite the similar to other roulette games. Players just need to choose their desired numbers and make bets. Then, they just wait for the ball to land on the wheel either red or black colored pocket. The smaller set of numbers makes a few differences in betting options and payouts. For instance, black or red, even or odd, column, half dozen, street, split, corner and straight are the bets that are available in mini roulette.

However, Mini roulette seems an easier way to win but in fact the house advantage is greater than European roulette. The house edge of Malaysia Online Betting mini roulette is higher than European but lower than American roulette. Any bet that does not cover zero has 3.85% house edge as compared to European roulette (2.7%) and American roulette (5.26%). In addition, any bet that covers zero have a house edge of 7.69%. Hence, it is best for players to avoid anything that covers the number zero when playing mini roulette.