Royal Flush? Is it possible..?
[ 23-04-2018 ]
Royal Flush? Is it possible..?

Royal flush is ranked as the highest grade hand in Malaysia Online Betting card game of poker where there is no wild cards used in this hand. Since it is the best hand, it is considered as the rarest hand in the game and players are very difficult to be dealt a royal flush.

In addition, a royal flush is a flush so it means all of the cards must be the same suit. It limits to a set of five cards in the sequence of ace-king-queen-jack-ten. Hence, there are only 4 winning combinations as there are four suits of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. One of the experienced poker professional said players will have to play 30,940 poker hands before they get dealt a royal flush. So, let’s look at the probability of royal flush. There are around 2.6 million poker hands and only 4 out of them are to be dealt to a player. Therefore, the odds of winning is 0.00015%.

Furthermore, the more cards that make up a royal flush, the better chance they can make such best hand. Players need to be careful on which cards of the flush they have dealt as these cards bring significant effect on whether they should try to play for royal flush or settle for a lesser hand. If players have been dealt only one of the cards that make up a royal flush, the probability of getting another four cards is 1 divided by 178,365 while they are dealt two cards, the chance increases to 1 of 16,215. On the other hand, players successfully get 3 cards to make up a royal flush, the chance of getting a forth card is 2 out of 47. If poker so luckily to get four of the cards, the chance of getting fifth card will be 1 of 47.