Single Ticket Strategy in Keno game
[ 18-04-2018 ]
Single Ticket Strategy in Keno game

Singapore Online Casino keno came from China and it is known as lottery-based game. As we know playing keno is depends on players’ chance, it still has some strategies for them to boost probability and winning hands in this entertaining gameplay. There are different types of tickets to make bet in a keno game. The most common one is a single ticket for a single game. Another one is multiple ticket games. It allows players to combine different aspects of the games. Some players may criticize that odds of winning such game is not that high especially when players use a single ticket to play.

Keno ticket is 8*10 grid which means there are eight rows and 10 columns on the ticket. Number from 1 to 80 are printed and sequenced on the ticket. Single ticket allows players to circle or mark 10 numbers on the grid. Those numbers are the one they want to bet. This bet can be made in multiple forms which means players are playing several sets of numbers on the same card. For instance, Singapore Online Casino keno players can choose three different sets of three numbers. Players can draw a circle around a specific number and another circle around another three numbers as a group. Hence, a single ticket serves as three tickets and each circles group is regarded as separate wager and costs one more unit.

As a game with pure chance, keno is not the best game that players can apply strategy or skill. Players just need to put their favorite numbers as their choice. In addition, it is a pretty suck game for Singapore Online Casino players due to its relative high house advantage (30%),. However, it does not require high cost and players can enjoy entertaining gambling experience with inexpensive requirements.