What is ‘Float’ in Poker?
[ 16-03-2018 ]
What is ‘Float’ in Poker?

There is one special term in Singapore Online Casino poker called ‘float’. It is known as a situation where players call opponent’s post-flop bet with a weak hand in order to bluff in a later position. It is quite similar to a ‘bluff-call’ but it is more advanced technique because it is extended over two betting rounds. The main concept behind this word is to make opponents believe player has a stronger hand than theirs through the flop and turn round. Further, floating is a move that turns opponent’s bets against him. By calling their bet on the flop, players have high chance of taking the pot away. However, this action requires players to have deep understanding of opponents and players can win more pots post-flop when they are able to master this skill even they hold a weak hand.

To make it more specifically, Singapore Online Casino players should apply this strategy when their hand is worse than opponent’s. If they hold the best hand, they should call the flop and bet the turn for value. Since players are bluffing, there is one condition to be fulfilled such as only float when players are in position. In position will give players more extra information like what kind of cards opponents are holding. For instance, when opponent checks on the turn means he gets air while he bet on the turn rather than checking, it means he may get a good hand and players should reevaluate their plan. On the other hand, this strategy is suitable for tight-aggressive opponents who always do many preflop raising and continuation betting.

In summary, floating is defined as bluffing play where player calls a continuation bet made by a Singapore Online Casino pre-flop bettor with aim of taking the pot on the turn.