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  • How does Random Number Generator (RNG) work?
    [ 02-11-2017 ]
    How does Random Number Generator (RNG) work?

    When we visit land-based casino, we can see some players are hugging the slot machines, kissing the cards on their hand or rubbing the hands to hope generate the next win. Many casino players do not realize that winning is based on pure luck as all the casino games are operated by a computerized program. Therefore, in Malaysia Online Slot, there is one special term that players should know which is Random Number Generator (RNG) as it determines what outcomes will be drawn by randomly picking numbers.

    In Malaysia Online Slot, RNG corresponds to the spinning reels on the slot machines. All reels have the same symbols and players have to line up those symbols in a pattern of three or more to win the game. RNG creates various outcomes and combinations every spin and selects a specific number as the result. It is done by algorithm. Once it has selected the number, it randomly selects which reel to display.

    It keeps on generating number even the slot machines are not in use. When Malaysia Online Slot players pulls on the handle or hit on the spin button, all they do is to ask the slot machines to display the position of the latest numbers that have been generated. As it is highly computerized by the program, there is no exact time when a slot machine is going to hit a jackpot. Therefore, it is possible for the machine hit the jackpot twice within a very short period. The chances for players to hit jackpot are very low. It makes players difficult to hit a jackpot so players should choose a slot machine with higher payout rate. RNG is also used to avoid any cheating issues either on players’ side or casino’s side to ensure its accuracy.