Spain La Liga- 03:45am Atletico Madrid vs Celta Vigo (Info, analysis and tips)|my

  • Spain La Liga- 03:45am Atletico Madrid vs Celta Vigo (Info, analysis and tips)
    [ 12-02-2017 ]
    Spain La Liga- 03:45am Atletico Madrid vs Celta Vigo (Info, analysis and tips)
    Would you like my previous post about football prediction? Actually those is just based on my knowledge about the team news and i trying to analyse it to share with all of you guys. I hope you'all will like it. Next, let me share this match for you guys. You can take it as a reference to place your stake on Malaysia sports betting
    Team information:
    Atletico Madrid
    - For Atletico Madrid, today match they have to face a serious problem in defend part. Why? The regular first team defender Godin (30 matches 1 goals 1 assist) had injured his right leg, so he confirmed that cannot play against with Celta Vigo. Another defender Jimenez (15 matches 1 goals 1 assist) right leg had infected virus and didn't go to the training session. Besides, although the defender Lucas Hernandez back to the regular squad, but he have a court case and out for the team around one month.
    - The substitute defensive midfielder Tiago (12 matches 1 goals 1 assist), Augusto Fernandez and number one goalkeeper Oblak still not able to play for the team.
    Celta Vigo
    - The boss Eduardo Berizzo was achieve Manager of the month in January.
    - There is only two player in injury list which is striker Beauvue and goalkeeper Blanco
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    Team analyse:
    Both of the team also been knocked out from Spain Cup, so basically they will fully focus to play in the league. From my point of view, Atletico Madrid is better than Celta Vigo and also they play in home team, so they have bigger chances to win this match. Conclusion, i'll place my stake on Atletico Madrid! Want to earn some easy money? Click on Malaysia sports betting to find out more!
    Take Atletico Madrid 1-1.5 (4 star)