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  • [ 10-03-2017 ]
    Everybody's Jackpot in LeoCity88 | Malaysia Online Slots | Malaysia Slots Game
    This post i going to talk about online slots game in LeoCity88, Everybody's Jackpot. If you're the slot games lover, don't forget to join Malaysia online slotsto enjoy every single online slot games, you can find out a lot of funs at the website.
    Everybody’s Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that can be won by playing the progressive slot of the same name at Malaysia online slots. This is a game-show themed 3x3 reel slot with 8 lines and the jackpot is awarded randomly, regardless of the symbol combinations that you spin on the reels. The most unique feature of the jackpot is hinted at in its name though, as the winner actually shares some of their jackpot with other people who played the game in the past 24 hours.
    70% of the progressive jackpot goes to the lucky winner. The remaining 30% is then distributed amongst other recent players of the game. 15% is divided equally among all the players that have bet a minimum qualifying amount on the game in the last 24 hours. You can check the exact qualification amount as you play just under the main logo under the heading "Community Jackpot". The other 15% is split proportionally to all the players that qualify based on the bets they have placed during the last 24 hours. The larger your total bets the bigger the slice of the pie awarded.
    Everybody's Jackpot is an innovative breath of fresh air as it can reward players that aren't quite as lucky as the winner, but in the long run it seems that will reward the most loyal players more. Don't missed this excited games, join Malaysia online slots to find out more!