What is Poker Nit?
[ 14-05-2018 ]
What is Poker Nit?

Nit is regarded as Malaysia Online Betting poker players who use extremely tight playing method and they usually play very few hands. This kind of players will get involve in big pots with relative strong hands. Players who play very tight style can make them more advantageous as it can protect themselves from losing too much money. If you’re a nitty players, it’s okay to be so in some situations. If you are always nitty, you should leave the table as it is not a good way. In addition, tight players are very frustrating to play against and that is why it is important for players to know how to deal with nit’s style opponents in order to sustain their success.

The best way to play against tight player is to exploit their passiveness by playing hands aggressively. This enable players to take most of the pot from opponents. Once most of the opponents are experienced poker players, tight gamblers become the victims of their own patience. When they notice you are a tight player, they can just raise their Malaysia Online Betting bet in order to take your position away. On the other hand, this style of players are too honest so they are easily give opponents information about their hands’ strength. If they bets twice on flop and turn, they have the main hand and opponents should never pay them off.

Lastly, nits are super tight players and they have discipline to play their poker hands. By looking at these players, opponents can start to notice the common trend. For instance, nit will not get involve in a huge pot. They will not contribute to the pot without a relative strong hand. Therefore, bluffing become a good method to play against nit as they do not participate in Malaysia Online Betting poker games too easily.