The Hardway Bets in Craps
[ 22-04-2018 ]
The Hardway Bets in Craps

Singapore Online Betting craps hardway bet is known as any point makes up of a perfect matched pair. Basically, players are betting on both dice to show the same numbers, such as 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, and 5-5. It is considered as hardways because it is less likely to roll the hardway number instead of softway number. There is only one combination out of 36 possible dice combinations so it is pretty hard to do. In addition, hardway bets are always active even in a come out roll. This bet can be made, modified or removed at any time before any roll. For example, if player bets on hard 4 and shooter really rolls a pair of 2s, that player wins with a generous payout. In a contrast view, if shooter rolls 1-3, player loses that bet. 

Since the hardway bet is a multi-roll wager, players can keep rolling the dice until either a pair of betting numbers appear or a 7 is thrown. Odds of winning for hardway 4 and 10 are 8 to 1 while 10 to 1 for the hardway 6 and 8. However, casino holds the house edge varies between 9% and 11% for such bet. This figure is quite unattractive for Singapore Online Betting players and this is the reason that this bet is called suck bet. Therefore, some craps players regard playing craps hardway bets means they simply give the casino a serious advantage.

Even though hardway bets are located in the center section on the table, they are pretty different from other proposition bets, whereas the other bets are one-roll bets. Hardway bet is keep rolling until a certain outcome is thrown. Unlike pass bet or don’t pass bet, players cannot make such bet by placing wager on specific area. They need to tell the Singapore Online Betting dealer or stick person to place such bet.