Is Cheating Possible in Malaysia Online Casino Poker Games and How To Detect It?
[ 29-09-2017 ]
Is Cheating Possible in Malaysia Online Casino Poker Games and How To Detect It?

Online poker cheating scandals keep going and many poker players are concerned about the possibility of cheating in online poker. In my opinion, cheating happens in most online poker and I am going to introduce the several ways that players often use in the following part.

The first method is called “collusion”, it means two or more people work together in a single table to win more money from the other parties. It is known as the most common type of cheat a player may face in poker. It may be easier for other players detect this kind of scams in physical casino rather than detect online collusion. In a virtual environment like Malaysia Online Casino, players do not know who have engagement with whom or what the content they are discussing.

“Multi-accounting” is referred to an individual owns several accounts and control all of them as well as play the same game at the same time with multiple computers. When holding different accounts, that player has more advantages over the others by not only seeing two hole cards and it is unfair to anyone else. It is quite popular in online casino. However, Malaysia Online Casino disallow players to open more than one account at the poker site in order to ban this kind of scam. Tony 88 has improved the security feature by preventing the same IP address to register twice.

The next is “poker bots”, a computer program that is designed to play poker against genuine players. A bot plays the poker under the certain mathematical concepts and it looks for long term profit. However, Swedish court announced that bots is not an illegal activity. Further, it is impossible for a bot to win all the times due to lack of complete information. Hence, poker bot has its limitation.

Poker is quite attractive for most online gamblers and Malaysia Online Casino never fails to secure its site for the users to have different experience.