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  • Predictability of Basketball
    [ 14-09-2017 ]
    Predictability of Basketball

    No one will argue that basketball is the most predictable sport among a series of Sportbooks. It is the easiest sport to predict because the difference in skill level between two teams of players and almost the same team won the match in different years. Further, there are only two possible results of basketball match (win/lose) which is 50% winning chance. The result of basketball is influenced by a team’s strength over opponents, individual player coaches and schedule of games.

    The constant scoring of basketball match helps us to predict the result of a game. So, it is quite easy for a better team to get a high score but less performed team get its score based on luck. Compare to football, basketball matches are tend to have higher scores due to the point system and the scores will change much faster and better performed team can win in a match in a few seconds. Another factor affecting its predictability is only 5 players on the court, which means the score is heavily rely on the player(s).

    On the other hand, when you want to predict the result, check the schedule first. As we know, there are a lot of matches in basketball in Sportbooks, the team players are tired and perform poorly if they have many matches in a peak session. Hence, you can pick a team which could prepare fully to bet. Besides, check who is playing at home as the home teams tend to perform better in most of the times.

    All in all, it is possible for gamers to predict the result of basketball games in Sportbooks. But it does not mean it is possible to make money on that. And you have to clarify one thing that is no one perfect model which is best suit for any matches.