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  •  I am the loyal fans of Cristiano Ronaldo
    [ 02-08-2017 ]
    I am the loyal fans of Cristiano Ronaldo
    So, for the people who always play the match in Malaysia Sport Books by TONY88 will know him as well. His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He was born in Portugal and his playing position in Real Madrid is the Forward. I know him since I am a kid in primary school. I will watch his every match with my father in the living room. I even collected all his jersey for different seasons. I was very admired to his skills and passions to play football. From the past until today, he won a total of 22 trophies, including the 5 league titles which are 4 from UEFA Champions League and 1 from UEFA European Championship. Now is already August of 2017, I am very excited for waiting this month to come. It is because of Real Madrid is going to versus Manchester United in the UEFA Super Cup and it is going to held in the mid of August. I purposely joined the Malaysia Sport Books for this match to bet Real Madrid for the win. I did this to increase my excitement while I am watching the Live Match and in the meantime, I can support my idol’s team. Also, I not join any of the Sport Books blindly. I made the research before I join any of them. This platform I joined provides the live match, live scores, and betting place in the same web page. This could be so convenient to me who is a newbie for the try on sport books. I saw many feedbacks that Malaysia Sport Books is a good platform to join as it mother company was the famous soccer betting company in Philippines.