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  • [ 30-03-2017 ]
    Irish Charms In Maxim Online Slots | Malaysia Online Slots | Malaysia Slots Game

    Here is the new games in Maxim Online Slots which is also known as Irish Charms. Let's check this out in Malaysia online slots to find out more games to play!

    I know there are dozens of Irish slots out there and i know most of them promise the same thing, in the same package.

    But if you are looking for a slot that is as green as a leprechaun’s spirit and as merry as a Friday evening at an Irish pub, look no farther than Irish Charms. This is a wonderfully exciting slot by Spinomenal.

    It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, we know. But dreaming about it can go a long way, and that’s where Irish Charms comes to help you out. With its fantastic array of fantasy-fuelled symbols and bonus features, expanding wild and whatnot, one thing is for sure, there will never be a dull moment while spinning these reels!

    Few things have come to characterize quintessential Irish spirit better than leprechauns. These teeny-tiny devils often turn out to be bringers of good fortune, and we surely hope that’s the case for you.
    But before they do, you need to get yourself familiar with the ways of this slot. Irish Charms does its best to cling to the standard format of an Irish slot, with its green and gold colour scheme, rainbow-driven imagery and an idyllic background where time seems to have come to a standstill.
    Spinomenal is a developer that is much known for innovation, out of the box ideas and a great distaste for the custom. Much the reason why, this predictable outlook did surprise us. But then again, there is only so far one can fare in way of creativity, and we would be too harsh in our judgment to hold this formulaic appearance against Spinomenal.

    It’s never too likely these days that one would come across great surprises while spinning reels. That holds true in this case, as well, and experienced slotters can hope to enjoy a smooth sailing across Irish Charms.

    To play with, you will have 5 standard reels that all duly and fully infused with Irish colours, ideas and symbols. 25 fixed paylines ably support these reels, in a bid to decide what it is that you are going to take home, and what it is that you are not.

    One thing that slots with fixed paylines have in favour of slotters, especially those who do not hold much of experience in iGaming, is the ease of play. Since the paylines are all fixed, the only input that a player is required to make is the call on the distribution of wagers, which often is a straightforward one. So, the playing field is levelled, and luck is the sole deciding factor here.

    Irish slots are not too difficult to be found, but Irish Charms seems to outdo most of its competitors by adopting a no-nonsense approach, especially when it comes to dealing with its symbols.
    While a major rainbow from horizon to horizon is your logo, you are bound to make a good Irish impression, and that’s exactly what happens here. However, there are only 4 regular symbols available here, a number that seems to be too low considering the fact that there are 5 reels and 25 lines. But worry not, it’s a great thing from players’ point of view, as the fewer the symbols, the higher the probability of combinations being struck!

    While the base game payouts are nothing to gloat over, it should be maintained that it is much too easy to recover you wagers here, provided that you know how to distribute your credits shrewdly.

    Let's try out this new game and sign up new member at Malaysia online slots to start your slot game world and win as much as money you can!

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