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  • [ 12-03-2017 ]
    English Premier League- 13 Mar 00:00am Liverpool vs Burnley | Malaysia Sports Betting | Malaysia Sportsbook
    This post i will tell you guys something excited, this is the sure win tips, if you not follow and that's your lost. Don't forget to join Malaysia sports bettingto maximize your bet to get highest profit!
    Team information:
    - The manager Klopp had announce to media after Arsenal match, the striker Firmino is not feeling well, this week he didn't join the training session, so he might not feature in this match.
    - The captain Jordan Henderson currently still in knee injury, and forward Daniel Sturridge also in injury as well, he also continue missed the game today.
    - For the defender Dejan Lovren, he already recover from injury, last match he was on the bench, this match he might can play for the first team.
    - The midfielder Defour and Cattermole still at injury list, so they couldn't follow team to Anfield, the midfield role seems have been weakening.
    - The defender Flanagan couldn't play for the team because is loanee from Liverpool.
    - Last match Ashley Barnes was banned, today match he can play against Liverpool. Besides, the captain Heaton also recover back from injury and he can play for the first team today,.
    Team analysis:
    Liverpool is at 4th position, although their results is not impress, but they had win against Arsenal and Tottenham in recent home match, They started gain back their confidence. For Burnley, Burney is at 12th position. The away team results is still in low form, hard to get a win match. In my opinion, i saw the odds market is quite low while Liverpool let 1.5-2, which means the bookie quite have faith in Liverpool, and i also expect this will going to be a big win match for Liverpool. If you agree with my prediction, don;'t forget joining Malaysia sports betting to place your bet and win as much as profit you can.
    Take Liverpool - 1.5-2 (5 Star)