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  • [ 15-02-2017 ]
    Sic Bo
    For this post, i going to introduce one of the interesting casino game, it named “Sic Bo”. For Sic Bo, it also known as “Dai Sai”. This is an unequal game of chance played with 3 dice. And of ancient Chinese origin. The literal meaning of sic bo is “precious dice”. While “dai sai” in english means big small.
    Sic bo is popular in Asia and widely played in Casino at Macau. Gameplay involves betting that a certain condition (e.g. that all three dice will roll the same) will be satisfied by a roll of the dice. And now let me teach you how to play this game. If you would like to give it a try, you may just login to Malaysia online casino to place your bet to win some pocket money.
    Basically, this is the real simple game to play in live casino. This is because if you just bet on small and big only. While 3 to 10 is consider small, then 11-18 is equal to big. If you want to go for advance, you may bet on the number that you predict and also can bet on odd & even. For odd plate which means the dice when roll to 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 is equal to odd. When come to even, the dice must roll until 4, 6, 8 ,10, 12, 14, 16 and 18. Actually, if you know this particular role to play sic bo, it’s enough to enjoy the game. But don’t forget to join Malaysia online casino. You may enjoy the promotion and bonus when you hit the requirement.
    If you having a basic idea about the game of Sic Bo and you want to play for advance to earn more money. You may try your luck to bet on the number that you can predict the next game will open. (e.g. if you predict number 14, when the game started and the dice roll until 14, so you can win x12 times . Which means if you bet on RM10, you can get the payout RM120.)
    This game got no any strategy or trick to play, it just based on your luck. In my opinion, most of the time 5 and 6 always appear in the game. I can’t explain why because the popularity is slightly higher to get this 2 number. If you like my post, i will go for the advance mode to tell you guys how to earn big money in this game. But first, please join Malaysia online casino.